"Warm, Thick Beer"

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J. Matthew Gottwig
J. Matthew Gottwig

Nominated for the Rhysling Award…

Beneath grey spires
Sits a tiny pub of chalk-stone walls,
Dry wooden posts made marble pillars,
Shelves with bottles, green and brown,
Tweed suits, sweaters and ties.

There I sit,
And with my chums, Jack and John,
Dwindling stems of warm thick beer,
   John, as always, with a pipe,
Words swim of silent shores
Found nowhere but paper and that wandering eye,
Sworn to re-forge the king's sword,
And ride behind the lion's mane.

Jack and John become their creations
And energy shifts from the open mouth
Into the imagination--where the white wizard
  withers to a foul-eyed witch, fading back into pale shadows:
    a green-cloaked ranger smoking no longer sweet vanilla
      but pine and campfire.

Iron lamps dim with weary fuel,
As songs fade at evening's end,
Where a pearl homeward horse and sleigh await,
That none but Jack and John might ride.

Away they fly:
Lost in a moonless mist,
Me, still behind.

Publication History:

  • Mythic Delirium (no link available)
  • Rhysling Anthology (no link available)