J. Matthew Gottwig
J. Matthew Gottwig

I’ve been writing for years. My stories have appeared in numerous literary and speculative publications. One of my stories won a literary prize, and I had started work on a novel and an MFA.

When the pandemic hit, and I found myself stuck indoors, I decided to change things up. For me, this meant learning more about interactive fiction and teaching myself Unity. My young son has always been vocal about wanting to be a game developer when he grows up, so I figured I’d learn and could start teaching him the basics to pass the time, but life is funny sometimes. I absolutely fell in love with game engines and game development. Thus, I spent my pandemic learning Unity, Unreal Engine, and Blender.

From here on out, I imagine I’ll bounce between writing, interactive fiction, and game projects. This website is devoted to those pursuits.

Site Credits:

  • Logo by amazing artist and all-around great guy Bryan Ballinger.
  • Homepage watercolor by my son
  • Site theme: So Simple
  • All other art, writing, photography: me (unless otherwise credited)

Skiing with my son

Note that Strange Shuttle is also a LLC registered in the state of Maryland. This site serves as my personal site, but any information associated with Skeeter’s Grid is under the purview of the Strange Shuttle LLC. This LLC is new and still in the process of being set up. More information is incoming.